on 11.12.


Important :  Please note that Marks/ Model Answers of remaining courses/ departments are being uploaded here soon.   

Course/ Subject/Semester/Teacher Model Answer  Upload Date
Biotechnology  AS-2245 M.Sc.-III (Dr. Harit Jha)  Available 2.12.13
Biomolecules-I   AS-2889 UG/PG-I (Kumari Kripalata) Available 2.12.13
Microbiology   AS-2897  UG/PG-III (Dr. D .K. Parihar) Available 2.12.13
Molecular Cell Biology  AS-2237 M.Sc.-I (Dr. Avtar Singh Meena) Available 2.12.13
Basic Biostatistics & Com.. Skill  AS-2906 B.Sc.-V (Dr. Avtar S. Meena) Available 4.12.13
Recombinat DNA Tech.  UG/PG.-V (Dr. B.N.Tiwary) Available 4.12.13
Advanced Immunology  AS-2246 M.Sc-III (Ms. Alka Ekka) Available 5.12.13
Microbial Genetics & Physiology   M.Sc.-I (Kumari Kripalata) Available 5.12.13
Basic Animal Biotechnology AS-2907   B.Sc.-V (Abhishek Singh) Available 5.12.13
Plant Biotechnology  AS-2247   M.Sc.-III (Sunil K Senapati) Available 5.12.13
Animal Biotechnology  AS-2248 M.Sc.-III (Dr. Renu Bhatt & Dr. Ruwali) Available 6.12.13
Biotechnology-II AS-2898  B.Sc.-III (Ms. Alka Ekka) Available 6.12.13
Bio-Instrumentation   AS-2239  B.Sc.-III (Dr. Harit Jha) Available 6.12.13
Botany-I Plant Diversity  AS-2899  B.Sc.-III (Dr. K. L. Tiwari) Available 9.12.13
Bioinformatics   AS-2908  B.Sc.-V (Dr. Munindra Ruwali) Available 9.12.13
Biochemistry  AS-2240  M.Sc.-I  (Dr. D .K. Parihar) Available 10.12.13
Plant Ecology  AS-2900     B.Sc.-III Available 13.12.13
Lower non chordates & parasitology AS-2891 B.Sc.-I  (Dr. Abhishek Singh) Available 13.12.13
Biotechnology (Zoology-II)  AS-2892  B.Sc.-I    (Dr. Renu Bhatt) Available 17.12.13
Drug formulation & Extraction AS-2284  M.Sc.-III (Dr. Rajendra Mehta) Available 2.12.13
Botany  AS-2984  B.Sc.-III  (Dr. Bhasker Chaurasiya) Available 2.12.13
Diversity of viruses... AS-2969  B.Sc.(Hon's)-I (Dr.Rajendra Mehta) Available 3.12.13
Mushroom Prod. Tech.  AS-2980  B.Sc.-III  (Dr. Bhasker Chaurasiya) Available 5.12.13
Remote Sensing & Spatial Appl.  AS-2286  M.Sc.-III  (Dr. Alka Mishra) Available 5.12.13
Medicinal Plant & Prod..... AS-2283  M.Sc.-III (Dr.Bhasker Chaurasiya) Available 9.12.13
Soil & Water Conservation   AS-2287  M.Sc.-III  (Dr. Ajay K. Singh) Available 9.12.13
Anatomy & Physiology of Insects  AS-2982  B.Sc.-III  (Dr. N. C. Agrawal) Available 9.12.13
Introduction  to Medicinal Plant AS-2994   B.Sc-V  (Dr.Rajendra Mehta) Available 9.12.13
Water & Land Management  AS-2996   B.Sc-V  (Dr. N. C. Agrawal) Available 9.12.13
Cell Biology  AS-2970   B.Sc-I  (Dr. Bhasker Chaurasiya) Available 11.12.13
Fundamentals of Horti. & Floriculture AS-2995   B.Sc-V  (Dr. Dilip Kumar) Available 11.12.13
Research Methodology  AS-2274   M.Sc-I  (Dr. Dilip Kumar) Available 11.12.13
Plant Physiology & ....  AS-2985   B.Sc-III  (Dr. Devendra Patel) Available 12.12.13
Concept of Statistical Analysis   AS- 2273   M.Sc-I  (Dr. Devendra Patel) Available 12.12.13
Instrumentation & Techniques   AS- 2276   M.Sc-I  (Dr. S. K. Nirala) Available 16.12.13
Invertebrates   AS- 2967   B.Sc-I  (Dr. N C Agrawal) Available 16.12.13
Vertebrates   AS- 2968   B.Sc-I  (Dr. N C Agrawal) Available 19.12.13
Introduction to Computer Application  AS-2979  B.Sc.-III  (Dr. Alka Mishra) Available 23.12.13
Sericulture    AS-2981 B.Sc.-III  (Dr. Alka Mishra) Available 23.12.13
Geographical Information System  AS-2985  M.Sc.-III  (Dr. Alka Mishra) Available 23.12.13
Indigenous Art & Its Management  AS-2288  M.Sc.-III  (Dr. Ajay Singh) Available 23.12.13
Economic Zoology (Lac, Honey.......)  AS-2983  B.Sc.-III  (Dr. S. K. Nirala) Available 27.12.13
Production Technique of Natural Products, AS-2277, M.Sc.-I(Dr. Devendra K. Patel) Available 30.12.13
Fundamental of Soil  AS-2971  B.Sc.-I  (Dr. P. R. Singh) Available 01.01.14
Rural Energy System  AS-2998  B.Sc.-V  (Dr. P. R. Singh) Available 01.01.14
Transfer Management of Technology Innovation  AS-2275  M.Sc.-I  (Dr. P. R. Singh) Available 01.01.14
Introduction to Remote Sensing, As-2993, B.Sc.-V(Dr. P. R. Singh) Available 03.01.14
Plant Diversity I AS-2837 B.Sc(Hon's)-I  (Dr. A.K. Dixit) Available 2.12.13
Plant Physiology AS-2841B.Sc.-III  (Dr. Sudhir Pandey) Available 4.12.13
Comparative Study of Cryptogams B.Sc-V  (Dr. Santosh Prajapati) Available 4.12.13
Genetics & Breeding AS-2186 M.Sc.-III  (Dr. Pradeep Singh) Available 4.12.13
Cell Biology & Biochemistry  AS-2185 M.Sc.-III  (Dr. Satya Singh) Available 4.12.13
Plant Pathology  AS-2187 M.Sc.-III  (Dr. Meenakshi Singh) Available 5.12.13
Diversity & Biology of Bacteria... AS-2177 M.Sc.-I  (Maheep Kumar) Available 5.12.13
Plant Diversity-II  AS-2838  B.Sc(Hon's)-I   (Dr. S.K. Chaturvedi) Available   2 5.12.13
Genetics & Biostatistics  AS-2842  B.Sc-III   (Dr. R.K. Dwivedi) Available 9.12.13
Comparative Study of Phanerogams  AS-2846 B.Sc-V  (Dr. R.K. Dwivedi) Available 9.12.13
Algae,Bryophytes, Pteridophytes   AS-2178  M.Sc-I   (Dr. R.K. Dwivedi) Available 9.12.13
Herbal Medicine  AS-2849  B.Sc-V  (Dr. A. K. Dixit) Available 9.12.13
Plant Tissue Culture  AS-2847  B.Sc-V  (Dr.Meenakshi Singh) Available 9.12.13
Microbial Genetics   AS-2848  B.Sc-V  (Dr. Satya Singh) Available 12.12.13
Plant Biotech. & Genetic Engg.   AS-2188  M.Sc-III  (Dr. Sudhir Pandey) Available 13.12.13
Biofertilizer Technology   AS-2850  B.Sc.-V  (Dr. Maheep Kumar) Available 16.12.13
Anyiosperms Taxonomy and Phytogeography, M.Sc.-I (Dr.Santosh K. Prajapati) Available 07.01.14
History of India from Shunga Dynasty.... B.A.-I  (Dr. G. Dubey) Available 3.12.13
History of India during the rule of Delhi. B.A.-III (Dr. G. Dubey) Available 3.12.13
History of India 1740-1805AD - B.A.-V  (Dr. Ghanshyam Dubey) Available 3.12.13
Concepts Method & Tools ....  AS-2036   M.A.-V   (Dr. Seema Pandey) Available 6.12.13
History of India during... AS-2711   B.A.(Hon's)-III  (Dr. Seema Pandey) Available 6.12.13
World History  AS-2715    B.A.-V   (Vipin Tirkey) Available 6.12.13
History of Maratha's   AS-2047   M.A.-III  (Dr. Abhay Kumar) Available 6.12.13
Aspects of Economic...     AS-2048  M.A.-III   (M. K. Shukla) Available 6.12.13
History of India..(1805-1857 AD)  AS-2717   B.A.-V   (Dr. Seema Pandey) Available 9.12.13
History of India from earliest....  AS-2707  B.A.-I   (Dr. Pradeep Shukla) Available 9.12.13
Society & culture..  AS-2037   M.A.-I   (Dr. Abhay Kumar) Available 9.12.13
Foundation of British Rule in India .. AS-2038   M.A.-I   (Dr. Pradeep Shukla) Available 13.12.13
History of Indian Freedom.......AS-2718   B.A.-I   (Dr. Abhay Kumar) Available 13.12.13
History of British Indian.......AS-2039   M.A.-I   (Dr. Abhay Kumar) Available 13.12.13
History of Europe     AS-2040   M.A.-I   (Dr. Mahesh Shukla) Available 13.12.13
History of England.....     AS-2050   M.A.-III   (Dr. Mahesh Shukla) Available 13.12.13
Economic & Social History of India    AS-2049   M.A.-III   (Vipin Tirkey) Available 17.12.13
History of Far East........  AS-2046    M.A.-III   (Vipin Tirkey) Available 20.12.13
Poetry-III AS-2009  M.A.-III  (Dr. Prasanjit Panda) Available 3.12.13
Drama    AS-2010  M.A.-III  (Dr. Prasanjit Panda) Available 4.12.13
Indian Literature in English   AS-2012  M.A.-III  (Dr. Anurag Chauhan) Available 9.12.13
Poetry-I      AS-2675  B.A.-III  (Dr. Anurag Chauhan) Available 9.12.13
Essay-I      AS-2671  B.A.-I  (Ashutosh Singh) Available 9.12.13
Linguistics& the structure....     AS-2682  B.A.-V  ( Archana Kumari) Available 9.12.13
Fiction-I     AS-2676   B.A.-III ( Archana Kumari) Available 9.12.13
Drama    AS-2003  M.A.-I  ( Archana Kumari) Available 9.12.13
Indian English Literature  As-2683  B.A.-V  (Dr. Prasanjit Panda) Available 11.12.13
American Literature-I   As-2684  B.A.-V  (Dr. Anurag Chauhan) Available 13.12.13
Drama   AS-2672  B.A.-I   Available 17.12.13
Internet Application AS-2881  B.Sc.(Hon's)-V (Mr. H.S.P. Tonde) Available 3.12.13
Computer Graphics  AS-2359  MCA-V (Ms. Sushma Jaiswal) Available 6.12.13
Introduction  to Artificial Neural Network  B.Sc.-V (Rajwant Singh Rao) Available 9.12.13
Data Mining     MCA-V (Dr. Babita Majhi) Available 23.12.13
Programming Based Numerical Analysis  AS-2340  MCA-I (Ms. Sushma Jaiswal) Available 27.12.13
Programming Based Numerical Analysis  AS-2259 MSc(CS)-I (. Sushma Jaiswal) Available 27.12.13
Artificial Inteligence and Expert System, M.Sc.(Computer Sc.) III (Dr. A.K. Saxena) Available 30.12.13
Artificial Intelligence and Expert System, MCA III (Dr. A.K.Saxena) Available 30.12.13
Artificial Intelligence, M.Sc.(IT) III (Dr. A.K.Saxena) Available 30.12.13
Fundamental of Computer,As-2873,B.Sc.-I (Dr. Babita Majhi) Available 31.12.13
Theory of Computation,M.Sc.(CS)-III (Mrs. Pushplata Pujari) Available 31.12.13
Theory of Computation,M.Sc.(IT)old -III (Mrs. Pushplata Pujari) Available 31.12.13
Theory of Computation, MCA-III (Mrs. Pushplata Pujari) Available 31.12.13
Digital Electronics, MCA-I (Mrs. Pushplata Pujari) Available 31.12.13
Digital Electronics, M.Sc.(CS)-I (Mrs. Pushplata Pujari) Available 31.12.13
Data Structure with Algorithm, As-2342, MCA-I (Rajwant Singh Rao) Available 31.12.13
Data Structure with Algorithm, AS-2261, M.Sc.-I (Rajwant Singh Rao) Available 31.12.13
Operating System, AS-2877, B.Sc.-I (Brahm Prakash Dahiya) Available 31.12.13
Soft Computing, MCA-V (Dr. H.S. Hota) Available 31.12.13
Computer Network, MCA-III (Dr. H.S. Hota) Available 31.12.13
Introduction to Information Technology, MCA-I (Jitendra Kumar) Available 01.01.14
Programming in C Lanquage, M.Sc.-I (Jitendra Kumar) Available 01.01.14
Advanced Programming in C, M.C.A-I (Jitendra Kumar) Available 01.01.14
Introduction to information Technology, M.Sc.-I (Jitendra Kumar) Available 01.01.14
Network Security  AS-2362   M.C.A.-V (H.S.P. Tonde) Available 01.01.14
Computer Networks   M.Sc(CS).-III (Dr. H. S. Hota) Available 01.01.14
RDBMS    AS-2351   M.CA.-III (Kaushal Bhardwaj) Available   2 01.01.14
RDBMS    AS-2270   M.Sc.-III (Kaushal Bhardwaj) Available   2 03.01.14
Introduction fo C Lanquage, As-2878 B.Sc.-III (Kaushal Bharadwaj & Sailendra Kumar) Available 03.01.14
System Software  As-2883  B.Sc.-V (Sailendra Kumar) Available 03.01.14
Introduction to Programming Methodology  As-2874  B.Sc.-I (Rakesh Kumar) Available 06.01.14
Indian Economics I  B.A(Hon's)-I  (Dr. Manisha Dubey) Available 4.12.13
International Economics I  B.A.-V  (Dr. Manisha Dubey) Available 6.12.13
Elementary Statistics   M.A.- I   (Dr. Manisha Dubey) Available 11.12.13
Industrial Economics  AS-2735  B.A.-V    (Dr. S. Kispotta) Available 19.12.13
Management Process & Orgn. Behavior  MBA-I (Dr.Harish Kumar) Available 4.12.13
MP & OB     MBA-I (Dr.Harish Kumar) Available 6.12.13
Corporate Legal Framework     MBA-III (Dr.L.P Pateriya) Available 6.12.13
DSS & MIS     MBA-III (Dr. Ramesh Chaturvedi) Available 12.12.13
IE  &  V     MBA-I   (Dr.Harish Kumar) Available 16.12.13
Quantitative Methods  AS-2404    MBA-I   ((Dr.L.P Pateriya) Available 16.12.13
Manegerial Economics  AS-2405     MBA-I   (Dr.Bobby B. Pandey) Available 16.12.13
Business Environment   AS-2406   MBA-I   (Dr.Bobby B. Pandey) Available 16.12.13
MTD   MBA-III   (Dr.Harish Kumar) Available 17.12.13
Consumer Behaviour    MBA-III (Dr. Ramesh Chaturvedi) Available 17.12.13
IBEM       MBA-III (Dr. Ramesh Chaturvedi) Available 17.12.13
Advertising & Sales Promotion  AS-2425    MBA-III   ((Dr.L.P Pateriya) Available 19.12.13
International Marketing  AS-2426   MBA-III   (Dr.Bobby B. Pandey) Available 19.12.13
Developmental Biology & Immun.  M.Sc.-III (Dr. Seema Rai & Dr. Ishwar) Available 4.12.13
Evolutionary Biology & Economic..  M.Sc.-III(Dr. Santosh Singh) Available 5.12.13
Functional Anatomy & Economic........  B.Sc.-V (Dr. Dhiraj Kumar) Available 5.12.13
Entomology & Fish Biology   M.Sc.-I (Dr. Dhiraj Kumar & M K Tripathi) Available 6.12.13
Non Chordata & Chordata  M.Sc.-I (Dr. Sushant K Verma) Available 6.12.13
Endocrinology     M.Sc.-I (Dr. Manish K. Tripathi) Available 6.12.13
Fish Anatomy & Physiology  M.Sc.-III(Dr. Santosh Singh, Manish Kumar) Available 9.12.13
Reproductive & Develop. biology  B.Sc-V (Dr. Monika Bhadauria, Ishwar) Available 9.12.13
Mammalian Reproductive Physiology...  M.Sc.-III (Dr. Seema Rai) Available 9.12.13
Immunology & Biostatistics B.Sc.-V (Dr. Seema Rai & M. Bhadauria) Available 10.12.13
Fish Culture & Pathology   M.Sc.-III (Dr. S. K. Verma) Available 10.12.13
Genetics & Molecular Biology   B.Sc.-III   (Dr. Santosh singh) Available 12.12.13
Neuroendocrinology & Non Classical .....   M.Sc.-III ( Dr. Iswar Baitharu) Available 12.12.13
Endocrinology & Insect Biology B.Sc-III ( Dr. Seema Rai & Dhiraj Kumar) Available 13.12.13
Animal Diversity-I (Non Chordates)  B.Sc-I ( Dr. Sushant K. Verma) Available 17.12.13
Histology, Histochemistry & Biostat.. AS-2199  M.Sc-I (Dr. Monika Bhadauria) Available 20.12.13
Animal Physiology  AS-2866  B.Sc-V (Dr. Monika Bhadauria) Available 20.12.13
Computer Forensic & Digital .... AS-2334  M.Sc.-III (Akanksha Rastogi) Available 5.12.13
Instrumental Methods-Chemical  AS-3009  B.Sc.-III (Akanksha Rastogi) Available 16.12.13
Basic Electronics  AS-2776A  B.Sc.-III (Dr. S. P. Patel) Available 17.12.13
Forensic Biology & Serology   AS-2336  M.Sc.-III (Arjun Rao) Available 17.12.13
Medical Jurisprudencel  AS-3008  B.Sc.-III (Arjun Rao) Available 17.12.13
Criminology & Police Science  AS-3005  B.Sc.-I (Akanksha Rastogi) Available 19.12.13
Heat & Thermodynamics, AS-2775, B.Sc.-III (S. K. Suman) Available 31.12.13
Ancient & Medieval Western Political....AS-2056  M.A.-I (Vivek K. Hind) Available 5.12.13
Contemporary Political Theory    AS-2066  M.A.-III (Vivek K. Hind) Available 5.12.13
Ancient & Medieval Western....AS-2056  M.A.-I ( Vivek K. Hind) Available 9.12.13
International Relations  AS-2700   B.A.-V Available 9.12.13
Public Admicistration  AS-2699  B.A.-V   (Dr. Surendra Mishra) Available 9.12.13
Public Admin & Governance   As-2088  M.A.-III  (Dr. K. Uma Maheswar) Available 9.12.13
Comparative Administration  As-2087  M.A.-III   (Dr. K. Uma Maheswar) Available 9.12.13
Development Administration  As-2086  M.A.-III (Dr. Surendra Mishra) Available 9.12.13
Administration Organisation :Principle & Structure  AS-2078  M.A.-I Available 9.12.13
Administrative Theories & Thinkers      AS-2077  M.A.-I Available 9.12.13
Introduction to Public Administration  AS-2076   M.A.-I Available 9.12.13
Structure of Urban Govt. in India  AS-2069  MA-III (K. Uma Maheswar) Available 9.12.13
Theory of Public Admin:Concepts & Issues  AS-2067  MA-III (Vivek Hind) Available 9.12.13
Contemporary Political Theory  AS-2066   M.A.-III (Vivek K. Hind) Available 9.12.13
Comparative Politics:Concepts &....  AS-2057   M.A.-III (Dr. R.P. Yadav) Available 10.12.13
Governments & Politics of States...  AS-2068   M.A-III  (Santwana Pandey) Available 11.12.13
Western Political Thaught   AS-2701   B.A.-V   (Dr. R. P. Yadav) Available 11.12.13
Nation Building & National Inte...  AS-2070   M.A.-III (Dr. Anupama Saxena) Available 12.12.13
Public Policy & Administration   AS-2089   M.A.-III (Dr. R.K. Khosla) Available 12.12.13
Major Issues in Contemporary Politics  AS-2702  B.A.-V   (Dr. R. P. Yadav) Available 13.12.13
International Relations:Theory & .........  AS-2058  M.A.-I   (Dr. R. P. Yadav) Available 13.12.13
Indian Political System  AS-2059  M.A.-I   (Dr. R. P. Yadav) Available 13.12.13
Indian Government & Politics  AS-2695  B.A.-III   (Dr. R. P. Singh) Available 16.12.13
Public Policy in India  AS-2090  M.A.-III   (Dr.R K Khosla) Available 16.12.13
Comparative Government & Politics  AS-2696  B.A.-III  (Dr. R. P. Yadav) Available 16.12.13
Basic Principle of Political of Political..  AS-2691   B.A-I (Dr. Anupama Saxena) Available(Eng) 19.12.13
Indian Political Thought    AS-2692   B.A.-I  (Santwana Pandey) Available 20.12.13
Techniques of Management   As-2079  M.A.-I   (Dr. K. Uma Maheswar) Available 24.12.13
Public Personnel Administration   As-2080  M.A.-I   (Dr. K. Uma Maheswar) Available 24.12.13
Book Keeping...   B.Com-I  AS-2603 Available 5.12.13
Income Tax     B.Com-I  AS-2635 Available 5.12.13
Businee Statistics   B.Com-I  AS-2603 Available 5.12.13
Cost Accounting   AS-2620    B.Com.-III Available 9.12.13
Management Concepts & Principle   AS-2364  M.Com-I  Available 9.12.13
Marketing Management   AS-2376      M.Com.-III Available 9.12.13
Principles of Auditing   AS-2622    B.Com-III  Available 9.12.13
Business Legislation   AS-2605  B.Com-I Available 11.12.13
Corporate Tax Planning  AS-2374   M.Com.-III Available 11.12.13
Business Mathematics  AS-2623    B.Com-III Available 11.12.13
Personnel Management   AS-2638   B.Com.-V Available 11.12.13
Business Environment  AS-2607   B.Com.-I Available 13.12.13
Company Law    AS-2621   B.Com.-III   Available 13.12.13
Business Communication    As-2624  B.Com.-III   Available 13.12.13
Financial Management   AS-2639  B.Com.-V Available 13.12.13
Research Methodology  AS-2375    M.Com.-I   Available 13.12.13
Fundamentals of Insurance   AS-2637    B.Com.-V   Available 16.12.13
Principles of Marketing   AS-2641    B.Com.-V  Available 16.12.13
Stock Market Operations  AS-2378    M.Com.-III   Available 16.12.13
Agricultural Marketing  AS-2379    M.Com.-III  Available 16.12.13
Working Capital Management  AS-2377    M.Com.-III   Available 17.12.13
Product & Advertising Management  AS-2380    M.Com.-III   Available 17.12.13
Business Organisation   AS-2608    B.Com.-I   Available 17.12.13
Financial Market operations   AS-2640    B.Com.-V  Available 17.12.13
Sales Management   AS-2642    B.Com.-V  Available 17.12.13
Accounting for Managerial Decisions  AS-2366    M.Com.-I  Available 17.12.13
Managerial Economics-II  AS-2365    M.Com.-I    (Dr. S. Kispotta) Available 18.12.13
Elements of Economics  AS-2606  B.Com.-I    (Dr. S. Kispotta) Available 18.12.13
Corporate Accounting.   AS-2619     B.Com-III  Available 19.12.13
Indirect Taxes   AS-2636   B.Com-V Available 19.12.13
Statistical Methods   AS-2367  M.Com.-I Available 19.12.13
Business Finance   AS-2368   M.Com-I Available 19.12.13
Fundamentals of Statistics     AS-2604   B.Com(H)-I (Dr. A. R. Krishna) Available 23.12.13
Fundamental of Computers(Brahm Prakash Dahiya) Available 02.01.14
Analytical Chemistry-I   AS-2142 M.Sc-I  (Kamlesh Shrivas) Available 5.12.13
Analytical Chemistry   AS-2811   B.Sc-V  (Kamlesh Shrivas) Available 5.12.13
Organometallic Chemistry of Tran.. AS-2156  M.Sc.-III (Dr.G.Patra,SST,SS) Available 11.12.13
Molecular Spectroscopy    M.Sc.-III  (Dr. V.K. Raman) Available 11.12.13
Inorganic Chemistry  AS-2804  B.Sc-I  (VKR, GKP, SST) Available 11.12.13
Organic Chemistry    AS-2813  B.Sc-V  (Dr. S. Banerjee) Available 11.12.13
Physical Chemistry   AS-2803   B.Sc-I  (MAS, KVSR, DS) Available 11.12.13
Inorganic Chemistry-II   AS-2808  B.Sc.III  (Dr.G.K.Patra, Dr.P. Maji) Available 12.12.13
Principles of Analytical Chemistry   AS-2154  M.Sc.III  (Dr. Manorama Singh) Available 12.12.13
Biochemistry  AS-2814   B.Sc.-V  (Dr. V.K. Raman) Available 13.12.13
Physical Chemistry(Quantum Chemistry)    AS-2161  M.Sc.-III  (Dr. A. N. Sil) Available 13.12.13
Microanalytical Techniques    AS-2155  M.Sc.-III  (Dr. Kamlesh Shrivas) Available 13.12.13
Physical Chemistry   AS-2145  M.Sc-I  (Dr. KVS Ranganath) Available 16.12.13
Electrochemistry   AS-2160  M.Sc-III  (Dr. Arti Srivastav) Available 16.12.13
Elective : Medicinal chemistry   AS-2162  M.Sc-III  (Dr. V. K. Raman) Available 17.12.13
Inorganic Chemistry-III  AS-2812  B.Sc-V  (Dr. Santosh S. Thakur) Available 17.12.13
Biochemistry    AS-2153 M.Sc-III  (Dr. Divya Singh, Dr. P. Maji) Available 17.12.13
Organic Chemistry    AS-2807 B.Sc-III  (Dr. Bhaskar Sharma) Available 19.12.13
Medicinal Chemistry   AS-2162    M.Sc.-III (Dr. P. Maji) Available 19.12.13
Inorganic  Chemistry    AS-2143    M.Sc.-I (Dr.G.Patra,SST,SS) Available 19.12.13
Bio-Inorganic Chemistry  AS-2157  M.Sc.-III (Dr.G.Patra,SST,SS) Available 19.12.13
Polymer Chemistry   AS-2146  M.Sc.-I (Dr.Arti Srivastava) Available 23.12.13
Organic Chemistry (Natural Products)   AS-2159  M.Sc-III  (Dr. S. Banerjee) Available 26.12.13
Organic Chemistry(Stereochemistry ...)   AS-2158  M.Sc-III  (Dr. Pathik Maji) Available 26.12.13
Organic Chemistry-I   AS-2144 M.Sc-I  (Dr. Pathik Maji, Dr. V.K. Rai, Dr. S. Banerjee) Available 26.12.13
Int. Social Work Practice   MSW-III Available 6.12.13
Agrarian Social Structure MSW-III Available 6.12.13
Society & Polity   MSW-I Available 9.12.13
Legal Framework Governing Human Relation  AS-2459  MSW-III Available 9.12.13
Social Development    AS-2456     MSW-III Available 9.12.13
Management of Industrial Relation  AS-2457  MSW-III Available 9.12.13
Human Growth & Personality Development  As-2446  MSW-I Available 11.12.13
Tribal Development   AS-2460    MSW-III Available 11.12.13
Beginnings of Social Work  As-2437   BSW-I Available 13.12.13
Working with communities   MSW-I Available 13.12.13
Fundamental of Social Work  AS-2438   BSW-I Available 16.12.13
Sociology for  Social Work  AS-2439   BSW-I Available 17.12.13
Social Work Profession: History, Philosophy & Fields   AS-2447 MSW-I Available 20.12.13
Working with Groups   AS-2449 MSW-I Available 23.12.13
Social Work Profession: History, Philosophy & Fields  MSW-I Available 01.01.14
New Media Technology     MMCJ-III  (Ram Awtar Yadav) Available 6.12.13
Intro. to Communication Theories AS-2749  UG/PG Mass.Comm-III Available 6.12.13
Communication Research     MMCJ-III  (Dr. Amita) Available 10.12.13
Computer Appl. in Mass Media  AS-2753  B.A.-V (Ram Awtar Yadav)    Available 11.12.13
Advertising   AS-2573     MMCJ-III   (Purnima Oraon) Available 12.12.13
Print Media / Reporting  AS-2565     MMCJ-III   (Purnima Oraon) Available 12.12.13
Writing for Mass Media   AS-2746     B.A.-I Available 12.12.13
Introduction to Advertising    As-2754   B.A.-V Available 12.12.13
Growth Development of Mass Media   AS-2564     MMCJ-I   Available 12.12.13
Theories of Mass Communication AS-2563   MMCJ-I (Guru Sharan Lal) Available 13.12.13
Introduction to Journalism & MassComm. AS-2745  BA-I (Guru Sharan Lal) Available 13.12.13
Development Communication   BA-III  (Vinay Bhushan) Available 13.12.13
Intro. to Communication Theories  AS-2749  BA-III Available 13.12.13
New Media Technology  AS-2571  MMCJ-III  (Ram Awtar Yadav) Available 13.12.13
Public Relation  AS-2574  MMCJ-III   Available 13.12.13
Introduction to Public Relation   AS-2755     BAMC-V  (Purnima Oraon) Available 16.12.13
Print Media (Editing)   AS-2566     MMCJ-I  (Ram Awtar Yadav) Available 16.12.13
Mathematical Physics   M.Sc.(Physics)-I  (Pradip Das) Available 6.12.13
Communication Electronics   M.Sc.(Electronics)-III  (Pradip Das) Available 6.12.13
Computer Programming & Numerical...   M.Sc.(Physics)-III  (Dr. A.N. Sil) Available 9.12.13
Classical Mechanics  AS-2115   M.Sc.(Physics)-I  (Dr. Parijat Thakur) Available 11.12.13
Condensed Matter Physics   M.Sc.(Physics)-I  (Dr. M. N. Tripathi) Available 11.12.13
Network Theorems & AC Circuits AS-2787  B.Sc.(Elex)-I  (Dr. M.P. Sharma) Available 12.12.13
Digital Electronics  AS-2791    B.Sc(Elex)-III   (Dr. R.P. Prajapati) Available 12.12.13
Basic Electronics  AS-2792   B.Sc.(Elex)-III  (Dr. S. K. Suman) Available 12.12.13
Microprocessor & Microcontrollers AS-2795 B.Sc.(Elex)-V  (Dr. S. P.Trivedi) Available 12.12.13
Wave Propagation   AS-2796      B.Sc.(Elex)-V  (Dr. A. K. Singh) Available 12.12.13
Electronics Instrumentation ... AS-2797  B.Sc.(Elex)-V (Dr.Harsha Dehariya) Available 12.12.13
Mechanics & Properties of Matter AS-2767  B.Sc.(Phy)-I  (Dr. PRR, AKG, ST) Available 12.12.13
Electrostics & Magnetostatic  AS-2768 B.Sc.(Phy)-I  (Dr. SKS, TRR, AKS) Available 12.12.13
Mathematical Physics AS-2780     B.Sc.(Phy)-V  (Dr. A K Gupta) Available 12.12.13
Quantum Mechanics   AS-2781   B.Sc.(Phy)-V (Dr. R P Prajapati) Available 12.12.13
Digital Comm. & Networking AS-2140  M.Sc.(Electronics)-III  (Dr. SK. Suman) Available 13.12.13
Sensors & Transdicers AS-2141  M.Sc.(Electronics)-III  (Dr. T.G. Reddy) Available 13.12.13
Basics of Electronic Devices AS-2117  M.Sc.(Phy)-I  (Dr. Shiv Poojan Patel) Available 16.12.13
Nuclear & Particle Physics   M.Sc.(Phy)-III  (Dr. Tarkeshwar Trivedi) Available 16.12.13
Solid State Physics-I  AS-2782    B.Sc-V  (Dr. H. S. Tiwari) Available 16.12.13
Optical Instruments & Tech.  AS-2779    B.Sc.(Phy.)-V  (Dr. P Rambabu) Available 17.12.13
Basic Electronics-I  AS-2788    B.Sc(Elex)-I  (Dr. M N Tripathi) Available 17.12.13
Electronics Communication-I  AS-2798   B.Sc(Elex)-I  (Dr. S. K. Srivastava) Available 17.12.13
Basic Electronics  AS-2776 B.Sc(Phy)-III (Dr PK Bajpai,S Patel,AK Singh,HD) Available 17.12.13
Material Science-I   AS-2125  M.Sc.(Physics)-III  (Dr. T.G. Reddy) Available 19.12.13
Fiber Optics & Optical Comm. AS-2139  M.Sc.(Elex.)-III  (Dr. R. K. Pandey) Available 19.12.13
Quantum Mechanics-I    AS-2116  M.Sc.(Phy.) - I  (Dr. P. K. Bajpai) Available 27.12.13
Heat & Thermodynamics AS-2775 B.Sc.(Phy)-III  (Dr. TT, Dr. HST, Dr. SPT, Dr. SKS) Available 27.12.13
Pharmacognosy-I  AS-2512  B.Pharm.-III  (Dr. V. Mandal) Available 6.12.13
Pharmacceutical Analysis-I  AS-2501  B.Pharm.-I  (Dr. Harish Rajak) Available 6.12.13
Pharmaceutical Chemistry-III    B.Pharm-III  (Jagadish Singh) Available 6.12.13
Pharmacceutical Biotech. AS-2533  B.Pharm.-VII  (Dr. Bharti Ahirwar) Available 9.12.13
Pharmaceutical Chemistry-I   AS-2500   B.Pharm-I  (Dr. Suresh Thareja) Available 9.12.13
Medicinal Chemistry-I   AS-2520   B.Pharm-V  (Dr. Parha Pratim Roy)) Available 10.12.13
Biopharmaceutics & Pharmacokinetics AS-2532  B.Pharm-VII (Dr. S. Jain) Available 11.12.13
Pharmacology-II      AS-2523  B.Pharm-V  (Dr. S H Bodakhe) Available 16.12.13
Pharmaceutical Chemistry-VII        AS-2531     B.Pharm-VII  (Dr. K P Namdeo) Available 16.12.13
Pharmaceutics-V     AS-2513   B.Pharm-III  (Dr. Manoj Kumar) Available 16.12.13
Pharmaceutical Chemistry-III   AS-2510  B.Pharm-III (Dr. J. Singh) Available 16.12.13
Pharmaceutical Microbiology   AS-2524  B.Pharm-V (Dr. A.K. Jain) Available 16.12.13
Pharmacognosy-III   AS-2522  B.Pharm-V (Dr. V. Rangari) Available 17.12.13
Human Anatomy & Physiology   AS-2503  B.Pharm-I (Dr. Nishant Jain) Available 18.12.13
Bioavailability & Therap....   AS-2536  B.Pharm-VII (Dr. Sunil Jain) Available 20.12.13
Modern Research Method   AS-2545  M.Pharm-I (Dr. Sanmati  Jain) Available 20.12.13
Product Development  AS-2550  M.Pharm-I (Dr. Alpana Ram) Available 20.12.13
Pharmaceutics   AS-2521  B.Pharm-V(Dr. Shivani Rai Paliwal) Available 20.12.13
Pharmaceutical Manag...  AS-2535  B.Pharm-VIII (Dr. Shivani Rai Paliwal) Available 20.12.13
Pharmaceutical Biotechnology  AS-2546  M.Pharm.-I  (Dr. Ravishankar Pandey) Available 23.12.13
Pharmacology-IV  AS-2534  B.Pharm.-VII  (Dr. Pradeep Samal) Available 23.12.13
Basic & Molecular Pharmacology   AS-2549  M.Pharm.-I  (Dr. Surendra Bodakhe) Available 25.12.13
Pathophysiology of Common Diseases   AS-2514  B.Pharm.-III  (Dr. Nishant Jain) Available 26.12.13
Drug Design      B.Pharm.-VIII   AS-2537 (Dr. Dilip Kumar Pal) Available 01.01.14
Stereochemistry & Reaction Mechanism  AS-2548 M.Pharm-I  (Dr. Dilip Kumar Pal) Available 01.01.14
Basic Electronic & Computer Applications   B.Pharm.-I    ( Sailendra Kumar) Available 03.01.14
Mechanics-I  AS-2512  B.Sc.-V  (Dr. B. B. Chaturvedi) Available 6.12.13
Linear Algebra      AS-2512  B.Sc.-V  (Dr. M. K. Gupta) Available 6.12.13
Advance Abstract Algebra   As-2217  M.A./MSc-I  (Dr. A. S. Ranadive) Available 11.12.13
Differential Equetion  AS-2823  B.Sc.-III  (Dr. D. S. Singh) Available 11.12.13
Geometry   As-2824   B.Sc.-III   (Dr. Abhay Singh) Available 11.12.13
Real Analysis  AS-2828  B.Sc.-V  (Dr. Abhay Singh) Available 11.12.13
Analysis-I     AS-2218   M.A./MSc-I    (Dr. S. P. Singh) Available 12.12.13
Numerical Analysis   AS-2830    B.Sc.-V  (Dr. KNVVV Prasad) Available 12.12.13
Integration Theory  AS-2227  M.A./MSc.-III  (Dr. Julee Srivastava) Available 12.12.13
Algebra  AS-2819  B.Sc.-I  (Dr. Suresh Choubey) Available 17.12.13
Fluid Mechanics  AS-2230  M.A./MSc.-III  (Dr. D. S. Singh) Available 18.12.13
Hydrodynamics  AS-2831 B.Sc.-V  (Dr. D. S. Singh) Available 18.12.13
Calculus  AS-2820 B.Sc.-I  (Dr. Lokesh Kumar) Available 19.12.13
Differential Geometry    AS-2220 M.A./MSc-I  (Dr. B. B. Chaturvedi) Available 20.12.13
Fuzzy Sets & their Applications   AS-2229  M.A./MSc.-III  (Dr. A.S. Ranadive) Available 26.12.13
Discrete Mathematical Structures-I   AS-2221   M.A./MSc.-I  (Dr. M.K. Gupta) Available 26.12.13
Functional Analysis & Its Applications    AS-2228  M.A./M.Sc.-III  (Dr. P.P. Murthy) Available 27.12.13
Topology-I    AS-2219  M.A./M.Sc.- I  (Dr. KNVVV Prasad) Available 27.12.13
Introduction to Forest Economic  B.Sc.-I  (Dr. Gunjan Patil) Available 9.12.13
Silviculture   AS-2303   M.Sc.-I  (Dr. Sushma) Available 10.12.13
Forest Tribology & Anthropology   AS-2942  B.Sc.-V  (Dr. Sushma) Available 12.12.13
Basic Mathematics  AS-2919  B.Sc.-I  (Dr. D. S. Singh) Available 18.12.13
Finance & Marketing Management of forest ...  M.Sc.-III  (Dr. Gunjan Patil) Available 20.12.13
General Statistics Methods......  M.Sc.-I  (Dr. Gunjan Patil) Available 20.12.13
Farm Management  M.Sc.-III  (Dr. K.K. Chandra) Available 20.12.13
Biometery, Surveying & Engineering  M.Sc.-I  (Dr. K.K. Chandra) Available 20.12.13
Plantation Forestry  B.Sc.-V  (Dr. K.K. Chandra) Available 20.12.13
Introductory Crop Production & Meteriology B.Sc.-V  (Dr. K.K. Chandra) Available 20.12.13
Plant Biochemistry & Biotechnology AS-2927 B.Sc.-III  (Dr. A. Bhattacharya) Available 23.12.13
Utilization of Non Timber Forest Product   AS-2941 B.Sc.-V  (Dr.  S. S. Dhuria) Available 23.12.13
Forest Engineering & Surveying   AS-2928 B.Sc.-III  (Dr. Bhavna Dixit ) Available 23.12.13
Tree Seed Orchard    AS-2318 M.Sc.-III  (Dr.  S. S. Dhuriya) Available 23.12.13
Breeding Methods in Forest Trees AS-2316 M.Sc.-III  (Dr. S. S. Singh  ) Available 23.12.13
Reproductive Biology in Forest Trees   AS-2317 M.Sc.-III  (Dr. Bhavna Dixit ) Available 23.12.13
Principles & Methods of Tree Improvement    AS-2931 B.Sc.-III     (Dr.  S. S. Dhuriya) Available 24.12.13
Introductory Botany   AS-2918 B.Sc.-I   (Dr.  S. S. Dhuriya) Available 24.12.13
Cytogenetic & Plant Breeding   AS-2917 B.Sc.-I   (Dr. M. Umadevi) Available 24.12.13
Silvicultural System   AS-2943 B.Sc.-V    (Dr. M. Umadevi) Available 24.12.13
Genetics in Forest Tree Breeding   AS-2319 M.Sc.-III   (Dr. M. Umadevi) Available 24.12.13
Forest Genetic Diversity & Conservation  AS-2320 M.Sc.-III  (Dr. A. Bhattacharya) Available 27.12.13
Forest Mensuration   AS-2930    B.Sc.-III  (Dr. Gunjan Patil) Available 27.12.13
Forestry Ecology and Biodiversity, M.Sc. Forestry-I, AS-2306 (Prof. S.S. Singh) Available 31.12.13
Fundamental of Geology and soil science, AS-2916, B.Sc. Forestry-I(Dr. Sushma) Available 31.12.13
Forest Management, Remote Sensing and GIS, AS-2305, M.Sc. Forestry-I(Dr. Umadevi) Available 31.12.13
Watershed Management Through Remote Sensing, GIS And People's Participation, M.Sc. Forestry-III(Dr. Sushma) Available 03.01.14
Environmental Studies, As-2626, B.A./B.Sc./B.Com.(Hons)-III(Dr. Sushma) Available 03.01.14
Structural Grammer and Spoken English,B.Sc.-III,As-2933(Dr. Anindita Bhattacharya) Available 07.01.14
Fundamentals of Wildlife & Management,B.Sc.-V,As-2946(Dr. Prabal Sarkar) Available 07.01.14
Documentation & Information Services AS-2764  BA-III (Dr. B. Mukherjee) Available 9.12.13
Information Retrieval (Theory)   As-2395   MLIS-I (R. R. Gurikar) Available 11.12.13
Information Sc. & Knowledge Mgmt.  AS-2393  MLIS-I   (Jitendra K. Gautam) Available 11.12.13
Reference Source & Services  AS-2763  B.A.-III (R. R. Gurikar) Available 11.12.13
Information Tech. Applications (Theory)   MLIS-I     (Dr. Ashwani Kumar) Available 12.12.13
Library & Society   AS-2387  BA-I     (Dr. Brajesh Tiwari) Available 16.12.13
Fundation & Library & Inform. Sc.  AS-2387  B.Lib.I.Sc.-I (Dr. Brajesh Tiwari) Available 16.12.13
Knowledge Organization(Theory) AS-2388  B.Lib.I.Sc.-I      (Dr. B. Mukherjee) Available 16.12.13
Elective : Collection Development  AS-2397 M.Lib.I.Sc.-I   (Dr. Ashwani Kumar) Available 17.12.13
Information Source System  AS-2396 M.Lib.I.Sc.-I   (Dr. Jitendra Gautam) Available 20.12.13
Library Management  AS-2760  BA.-I   (Dr. Jitendra Gautam) Available 20.12.13
Information Source & Services  AS-2760  BLIS.-I   (Dr. Ashwani Kumar) Available 23.12.13
Educational Psychology & Person  AS-3053    B.Ed.-I  (Dr. Rahul Pandey) Available 12.12.13
Philosophical Foundation of Education AS-2478  M.Ed.-I (Dr. Sudhir Kaware) Available 13.12.13
Foundation of Educational Research AS-2480  M.Ed.-I (Dr.S.Mishra,Dr.S. Sain) Available 19.12.13
Mathematics Teaching  B.Ed.-I (Dr.Sunil Sain) Available 19.12.13
Foundation of Educational Research   AS-2480   M.Ed.-I (Dr.Sunil Sain) Available 19.12.13
Learner & Learning Process    AS-2466   B.Ed.-I (Dr.Mukesh Chandrakar) Available 20.12.13
Nature & Needs of various disabilities AS-3052   B.Ed.  (Dr.Shiv Gangwar) Available 20.12.13
Introduction to learning disabilities  AS-3054   B.Ed.-I    (Dr.Shiv Gangwar) Available 20.12.13
Introduction to learning disabilities  AS-3067 B.Ed.-I   (Dr.Shiv Gangwar) Available 20.12.13
Methodology of teaching-II (Biology)   AS-2470 B.Ed.-I   (Dr. Sonia Sthapak) Available 20.12.13
हिंदी भाषा शिक्षण AS-2471 BEd./B.Ed(HI)/B.Ed(LD)    (Dr. Rahul Pandey) Available 23.12.13
Teacher in Emerging Indian Society   AS-2465 B.Ed.-I   (Ajay Samir Kujur) Available 23.12.13
Psychological Foundation of Education-I, M.Ed.-I(Dr. C.S. Vazalwar) Available 30.12.13
Methodology of Teaching English, B.Ed.-I(Sudhir S Kaware) Available 30.12.13
Methodology of teaching social science  AS-2468  B.Ed.-I (Ms. Vindeshwari Pawar) Available 30.12.13
Educational Technology     AS-2482   M.Ed.-I  (Ms. Vindeshwari Pawar) Available 01.01.14
Educational Measurement & Education, As-2481, M.Ed.-I(Dr. Sunil Kumar Sain) Available 03.01.14
Fundamentals of Human Genetics AS-2964 BA/BSc-V (Dr. H. Suraj Singh) Available 13.12.13
Basics of Arch. Anthropology  AS-2293 MA/MSc-I  (Dr. H. Suraj Singh) Available 13.12.13
Introduction to Physical/Biological Anthro.  AS-2955 BA/BSc-I (Dr. S. Das) Available 13.12.13
Introduction to Physical/Biological Anth.  AS-2955(B)  BA/BSc-I (Dr. S. Das) Available 13.12.13
Basics of Physical/Biological Anth.  AS-2291 MA/MSc-I (Dr. S. Das) Available 13.12.13
Basics of Population Studies  AS-2294 MA/MSc-I (Dr. K. Bharathi) Available 26.12.13
Principles of Social & Cultural Anthropology  AS-2299 MA/MSc-III (Dr. K. Bharathi) Available 26.12.13
Introduction to Prehistoric Archaeology   AS-2959(A)  BA/BSc-III (Dr. K. Bharathi) Available 26.12.13
Introduction to Prehistoric Archaeology   AS-2959(B)  BA/BSc-III (Dr. K. Bharathi) Available 26.12.13
Social & Cultural Anthropology   AS-2963  BA/BSc-V (Dr. K. Bharathi) Available 26.12.13
Human Variation   AS-2956     BA/BSc-I (Dr. K. Bharathi) Available 26.12.13
Human Variation   AS-2956(A)     BA/BSc-I (Dr. K. Bharathi) Available 26.12.13
Human Variation   AS-2956(B)     BA/BSc-I (Dr. K. Bharathi) Available 26.12.13
Methods of Physical Education  AS-2581  B.P.Ed-I  (Dr. Mahendra K. Singh) Available 16.12.13
Anatomy, Physiology & Health Education  AS-2580  B.P.Ed-I  (M. S. Dhapola) Available 19.12.13
Test & Measurement....  AS-2528  M.P.Ed-I  (Dr. Sanjeet Sardar) Available 20.12.13
Management of Physical Education  AS-2590  M.P.Ed-I  (Dr. Jaswant Singh) Available 20.12.13
Professional Preparation & Curriculum.....AS-2587  M.P.Ed-I  (Dr. A. B. Singh) Available 23.12.13
Principles of Physical Education  AS-2579  B.P.Ed-I  (Dr. A. B. Singh) Available 23.12.13
Scientific Coaching Methods  AS-2595  M.P.Ed-III  (Dr. Ratnesh. Singh) Available 23.12.13
Sports Psychology  AS-2596  M.P.Ed-III  (Dr. B R  Rawte) Available 23.12.13
Exercise Physiology  AS-2589  M.P.Ed-I  (Shalini Menon) Available 23.12.13
Officiating & Coaching  AS-2582 B.P.Ed-I  (Dr. T. R. Meena) Available 27.12.13
Sports Medicine, M.P.Ed.-III, AS-2597(Prof. V.S. Rathore) Available 30.12.13
Political Science  AS-3012  B.A.LLB-I Available 16.12.13
General & Legal English-I  AS-3016  B.A. LLB-I Available 16.12.13
Constitutional Law-I   AS-3025  B.A. LLB-III Available 16.12.13
Sociology of Development & Social Change  AS-3022   B.A. LLB-III Available 16.12.13
Modern Political System  AS-3023  B.A. LLB-III (Dr. Vivek K. Hind) Available 16.12.13
General & Legal English-I  AS-3035   B.Com. LLB-I Available 16.12.13
Constitutional Law-I   AS-3045   B.Com. LLB-III Available 16.12.13
Corporate Accounting   AS-2620   B.Com. LLB-III Available 16.12.13
Business Environment  AS-3042   B.Com. LLB-III Available 16.12.13
Law of Torts     AS-3013   B.A. LLB-I Available 19.12.13
Law of Contract - I     AS-3014  B.A. LLB-I Available 19.12.13
Muslim Law     AS-3024   B.A. LLB-III Available 19.12.13
Book Keeping & Accountancy  AS-3036  B.Com. LLB- I Available 19.12.13
Law of Torts   AS-3032  B.Com. LLB- I Available 19.12.13
Law of Contract -I  AS-3033   B.Com. LLB-I Available 19.12.13
Environmental Studies AS-3026(A)   BA LLB/BCom.LLB-III  (Dr. A. Bhattacharya) Available 23.12.13
Muslim Law     AS-3044   B.Com. LLB-III Available 23.12.13
Foundation Course -Hindi    AS-3046   B.Com. LLB-III Available 23.12.13
Business Administration-Principles of Management  .Com. LLB-I Available 23.12.13
Foundation Course-Hindi    AS-3026   B.A. LLB-III Available 23.12.13
An Introduction to Society    AS-3015   B.A. LLB- I Available 23.12.13
आधार पाठयक्रम            बी.ए., बी.एस.सी., बी.एस.डब्ल्यू., बी.कॉम.-I Available 20.12.13
हिंदी भाषा का इतिहास     AS-2651   बी.ए.- I  (डॉ. सत्या सोनी) Available 20.12.13
हिंदी साहित्य का इतिहास AS-2651   बी.ए.- I  (डॉ. रमेश गोहे)
भारतीय समीक्षा सिदधांत AS-2029   बी.ए.- III  (डॉ. सिद्धार्थ शंकर रॉय) Available 20.12.13
भारतीय काव्य                  AS-2660   बी.ए.- III  (डॉ. सत्या सोनी)
कथा साहित्य                 AS-2663   बी.ए.- (डॉ. सुरेश कुमार) Available 20.12.13
हिंदी नाटक एवं एकांकी  AS-2664   बी.ए.- V (डॉ. सिद्धार्थ शंकर रॉय)
छायावादोत्तर काव्य         AS-2665   बी.ए.- V (डॉ. वंदना तिवारी)
हिंदी निबंध एवं अन्य ग| विधाऐं AS-2666   बी.ए.- V (डॉ. राजेश मिश्रा)
छायावादी कव्य          AS-2028   एम.ए.- I (डॉ. राजेश मिश्रा) Available 20.12.13
कथेतर गद्य विधाऐं AS-2029   एम.ए.- I (डॉ. सिद्धार्थ शंकर रॉय)
हिंदी साहित्य एवं अनुवाद विज्ञान AS-2030   एम.ए.- I (डॉ. वंदना तिवारी)
हिंदी साहित्य का इतिहास - आरंभ से रीतिकाल AS-2031   एम.ए.- I (डॉ. सुरेश कुमार)
भारतीय काव्य       AS-2018   एम.ए.- III (डॉ. रमेश गोहे) Available 20.12.13
अस्मिता साहित्य और संस्कृति   AS-2019   एम.ए.- III (डॉ. सत्या सोनी)
भारतीय काव्य शास्त्र   AS-2020  एम.ए.- III (श्री मुरली मनोहर सिंह)
आधुनिक भारतीय साहित्य  AS-2021   एम.ए.- III (डॉ. राजेश मिश्रा)

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