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Our vision is to create an environment where we could discover the basic scientific principles hidden behind all the activities in our day-to-day life. Along with science it is important for us to have some basic knowledge about other aspects of life such as social, science etc. “Without knowing the needs of society how could one invent or discover something useful for society”. There has been a gap of last few years which failed to do new meaningful research and we believe today’s youth is capable of filling the gap if they are provided right guidance and direction.

Science Club is a great hope to increase the logical thinking. It relates us with the science by we can easily understand the science practicaly, just like a magic. The Science Club provide us a plateform to explain our thoughts and ideas,. If you have such type of scientific ideas then you can share with us. Science Club does not provide only the theoretical but the practical knowledge also. A part of learning the science we are also concerned about the placement. The science club also provide us the information about carrier opportunities by the various carrier making programms.