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Why Science Club 

Science Club exists because of the power of its amazing volunteers. We bring together students from undergraduate, graduate and professional fields to inspire the next generation of students in GGU. Over the years it is our pleasure of getting many extraordinary students right in our very own backyard. So it seems only logical to have the passion of the students carry over in the form of science group on our campus. These student leaders have taken on the great task of creating and carrying the scientific environment in the campus. Our main purpose of making Science Club is to make a group of people who have different scientific ideas. In our science club, all the members will have freedom to share their ideas and pass them to next generation. Science Club inspires the student to think logically in every aspect of our daily life. Science Club is a place in which all members of our science club are connected with each other and work together. Now it is the time to share your ideas globally with everyone through the science club