गुरु घासीदास विश्‍वविद्यालय, बिलासपुर

Guru Ghasidas Vishwavidyalaya, Bilaspur

A Central University established by the Central Universities Act 2009 No. 25 of 2009

About Department of Political Science & Public Administration

The Department of Political Science was established in 1987 and is now the combined strength of students in UG, PG, and Ph.D. courses have exceeded 300. The teaching programmes are based on a comprehensive social science approach that integrates other streams like Economics, History, and Anthropology, and several other subjects. With the implementation of the New Education Policy, a plethora of options are given to students to choose elective papers from different streams of their choice. The courses we offer are tailor made to cater to the heterogeneous student choices. The department has also started ability enhancement courses from the first year,  a much needed step to enhance the employment opportunities for the students. With the help of leading edge teaching aids and integration of 21st century technologies into teaching learning processes, like smart classrooms, we promote interactive two-way learning and blended mode of learning. 

Our aim is to detour from the conventional stations of eurocentric thoughts and inculcate a far-reaching comparative approach keeping in mind the Indian reality in focus. Thus, we offer extensive research in untapped dimensions of comparative politics, Indian government and politics, and special focus is also given to multidisciplinary courses like Gender Studies, and Human Rights studies. Our department has successfully collaborated with established national and international organizations that include, Centre for Studies of Developing Societies, New Delhi; University Grants Commission, New Delhi. Kings College London Univesity.

To provide ample opportunities for the holistic development of the students, the Political Science Department offers a variety of extra co-curricular activities. Defying the boundaries of rote learning we diverge in an empiricist approach, which believes in learning from doing. We have organised various programmes like Constitution Day celebration, Women's Day celebration, "Paridishya"- a discussion club and "Mukhtalif"- an interactive sessions with renowned lyricist and an Electoral Literacy festival.

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