गुरु घासीदास विश्‍वविद्यालय, बिलासपुर

Guru Ghasidas Vishwavidyalaya, Bilaspur

A Central University established by the Central Universities Act 2009 No. 25 of 2009

About Department of Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics started functioning in the year 1989 with course M. Phil. in Mathematics and has established itself as an excellent centre for research and teaching in the field of Mathematical Modeling, Algebra, General Topology, Analysis, Approximation Theory, Fuzzy Logic and its applications etc. under the active guidance of dedicated faculty members. After that the department has started M.Sc. in Mathematics and in 2009 the department has introduced under graduate course in Mathematics. The department has its own library and has received National Board for Higher Mathematics (NBHM) grant for its enrichment. Presently in the department, research is going on various fields like Fuzzy Logic and Applications, Fixed point theory, Topology, Numerical Analysis, Differential Geometry of Manifolds, Cosmology, Finsler Geometry, Fractional Calculus and Seismology etc. The department has continuous practice to update and introduce new courses in the field of Mathematics and applicable mathematics to stand in the front line curriculum of the other reputed universities and institutions of the country. The faculty members of the department has good academic record and have collaborative/interactive research works with many eminent mathematicians of India as well as abroad. The faculty members of the department are also reviewers and referees of many National as well as international reputed Mathematical journals. Recently a number of departmental students of UG and PG have qualified reputed national level competitive examinations such as NET, GATE, JAM etc. All the faculty members always try to make a good environment for teaching and research. Department always try to give best for the overall improvement of the students.

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3 PhD Admission 2019-20 29-06-2022
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9 Minutes of meeting of Board of studies (Jan. 2022) 19-04-2022
10 Minutes of meeting of Board of studies 17-04-2022
11 Minutes of meeting of Departmental Research Committee 17-04-2022
12 Minutes of meeting of Board of studies 11-07-2018

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1 Dr. Koti N V V Vara prasad appointment order 27-06-2022
2 Dr. Koti N V V Vara prasad joining order 27-06-2022
3 Dr. M K Gupta appointment order 27-06-2022
4 Dr. Sankirtan Sardar Joining Letter 24-06-2022
5 Dr. Santosh Verma PhD Certificate 24-06-2022
6 Dr. Santosh Verma appointment order 24-06-2022
7 Dr. Santosh Verma joining order 24-06-2022
8 Dr. Sandeep Singh PhD Certificate 24-06-2022
9 Dr. Sandeep Singh Appointment order 24-06-2022
10 Dr. Sandeep Singh Joining letter 24-06-2022
11 Dr. C K Yadav Joining letter 24-06-2022
12 Dr. Amar Pandey Joining letter 24-06-2022
13 Dr. Amar Pandey D.Phil. Certificate 24-06-2022
14 Mr. Hapka Surendra Joining order 24-06-2022
15 Dr. M. K. Gupta D.Phil. Certificate 23-06-2022
16 Dr. Dhananjay Gopal Ph.D. Certificate 23-06-2022
17 Dr. Dhananjay Gopal Joining order 23-06-2022
18 Dr. M. K. Gupta Joining order 23-06-2022
19 Dr. B. B. Chaturvedi D.Phil. Certificate 23-06-2022
20 Dr. B. B. Chaturvedi Joining order 23-06-2022
21 Dr. B. B. Chaturvedi appointment order 23-06-2022
22 Dr. Dhananjay Gopal appointment order 23-06-2022
23 Dr. M. K. Gupta was awarded by Prof. H. P. Dixit Memorial Award 2021 23-06-2022
24 Dr. J. P. Jaiswal Ph.D. Certificate 23-06-2022
25 Dr. J. P. Jaiswal appointment Letter 23-06-2022
26 Dr. J. P. Jaiswal Joining Order 23-06-2022
27 Dr. P. P. Murthy Ph.D. Certificate 23-06-2022
28 Dr. P. P. Murthy appointment Letter 23-06-2022
29 Dr. P. P. Murthy Joining Order 23-06-2022
30 Dr. Koti N V V Vara Prasad Ph.D. Certificate 23-06-2022
31 Dr. Brijendra Paswan Joining Order 23-06-2022
32 Dr. Brijendra Paswan PhD Certificate 23-06-2022
33 Dr. Brijendra Paswan appointment Letter 23-06-2022
34 Dr. D.S. Singh, Dr. Amar Pandey, Dr. Sankirtan Sardar, Dr. Chirajeev Yadav Appointment order 23-06-2022
35 Dr. D. S. Singh Ph.D. degree 23-06-2022
36 Prof. A. S. Ranadive appointment order 23-06-2022
37 Prof. A. S. Ranadive Joining letter 23-06-2022
38 Prof. A. S. Ranadive Ph.D. Notification 23-06-2022
39 Mr. Hapka Surendra appointment letter 23-06-2022
40 Dr. C. K. Yadav PhD Degree 23-06-2022
41 Dr. Sankirtan Sardar Ph.D Certificate 23-06-2022
42 Mr. C P Dhuri Appointment letter 23-06-2022
43 Mr. C P Dhuri Joining order 23-06-2022
44 Dr. Uma Devi Patel Appointment order 23-06-2022
45 Dr. Uma Devi Patel Phd degree 23-06-2022
46 Dr. Uma Devi Patel Joining order 23-06-2022
47 Dr. D. S. Singh Joining letter 23-06-2022