गुरु घासीदास विश्‍वविद्यालय, बिलासपुर

Guru Ghasidas Vishwavidyalaya, Bilaspur

A Central University established by the Central University Act 2009 No. 25 of 2009

University Hostel

Two hostels, one each for boys and girls separately, provide accommodation to 475+300 boys and 502 girls. Vishwavidyalaya faculty member as Warden supervises each hostel.

  1. Students studying in the UTD seeking hostel accommodation will be required to apply in the prescribed application form.
  2. The criteria for allotment of hostel accommodation by the Vishwavidyalaya is as under:
    1. First priority is given to those who were admitted during previous academic session and yet to complete the course.
    2. Second priority is given to those admitted to a full time program and coming from outside Bilaspur.
  3. In view of the limited hostel facilities available, the candidates may please note that the grant of admission to a course of a study in the UTD would not automatically entitle one for allotment of hostel accommodation and that the application of the students for Hostel allotment will be considered if seats in the hostel are available.
  4. Fee / Hostel Charges are as follows :
    1. Annual Fees : Rs. 2000/-
    2. Mess Charges : Actual mess expenditure incurred per month.
    3. Total amount payable at the time of new admission in the hostel : Rs. 4350/-
    4. Total amount payable at the time of re-admission in the hostel : Rs.2350/-
    Initially mess charges for two months will have to be deposited for smooth functioning. Electricity charges will be charged as per the meter reading divided among the students.
  5. Hostel residents are expected to observe the rules and regulations prescribed for them as well as all the requirements of corporate life and the social norms that living together demands.
  6. Failure to observe discipline or violation of rules may make a student liable to disciplinary action which may result in the withdrawal of Hostel Facilities.

Boys Hostel Phone Number

SNo. Address/ Office Contact No.
01 Boy's Hostel Office 07752-260466
02 Boy's Hostel Main Gate 07752-260479
03 Cheif Warden Hostel 094241-63260
04 Admin.Warden Hostel .......
05 Warden - 1 Boy's Hostel 086024-13983
06 Warden - 2 Boy's Hostel 094253-40051
07 Warden - 3 Boy's Hostel 075873-12673
08 Warden - 4 Boy's Hostel 090981-16702

Available Hostel Form

SNo. Girl's Hostel Boys Hostel
01 List of important phone numbers Boys Hostel Services
02 Download Admission form for Girls Hostel Download Admission Form for Boys Hostel
03 Fee Details
04 Important Phone Numbers
05 Application form and Fee deposit for Re-admission /Old pass out
06 List of allotted Seats for Admission in Boys hostel

Girl's Hostel & Boy's Hostel Staff

SNo. GIRL's Hostel Staff Designation
01 Kanti Pardhan Junior Office Assistant
02 Seeta Bai MTS
03 Parmeshwari Rajak MTS
04 Rajkumari Bai Sahu MTS
05 Kala Bai Yadav MTS
06 Jasli Bai MTS
07 Gomati Bai MTS
08 Geeta Sahu Matron (Contract)
09 Yashoda Bai MTS (Daily Wages)
10 Shakun Bai MTS (Daily Wages)
SNo. Swami Vivekanand Boy's Hostel Staff Designation
01 Vikas Chandrakar Office Assistant
02 Nand Ji Yadav Junior Office Assistant
03 Ashok Kumar Tiwari Junior Office Assistant
04 Pankaj Kumar Kaser Junior Office Assistant
05 Tara Prasad Sahu MTS
06 Shiv Kumar Suryavanshi MTS
07 Gyaneshwar Sharma MTS
08 Suresh Kumar Patel MTS (Daily Wages)
09 Dilip Kumar Kaiwartya MTS (Daily Wages)
SNo. New boy's hostel - a Staff Designation
01 Anand Rao Mahadik Junior Office Assistant (Daily Wages)
02 Ramlal Dhruv MTS
SNo. New boy's hostel - b Staff Designation
01 Vijay Bahadur Singh Junior Office Assistant (Daily Wages)
01 Sayed Izahar Ali MTS
SNo. Forestry Hostel Staff Designation
01 Durga Prasad Sahu Junior Office Assistant